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Educational Resources

Widespread education on the importance of performing CPR and using an AED during cardiac arrest is critical to increasing survival rates. The informational tools listed below are offered to help increase awareness. They are not intended to replace formal training and certification, but to supplement them.

What is World Restart a Heart Day?

World Restart a Heart Day happens every year on October 16th. This initiative was launched by ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) in 2018. It aims to promote awareness regarding the importance of performing CPR and utilizing an AED during a cardiac arrest. Heart & Stroke Canada is one of the many regional resuscitation councils which have chosen to participate in this event. It is encouraged that training and awareness be shared on or around this day, particularly for school-aged children.

International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (

World Restart a Heart Day October 16 (

To assist educational facilities in training their students about CPR and AED use, the AHS Public Access to Defibrillation Program has developed the World Restart a Heart Day toolkit. This can be taught on Oct. 16th or utilized any time of year.


World Restart a Heart Day Educational Toolkit

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