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How to Register

To get started click the yellow button     


Registering your AED with the Alberta PAD Program is easy and done in 3 STEPS!

STEP 1: Create your profile

   1. A Site Coordinator is a dedicated individual from your organization, who is responsible for:

          ♥  Checking the AED regularly and coordinating any required maintenance or supply replacement

          ♥  Completing the monthly AED inspection and submitting the report online

   2. You'll supply your name, email, phone number and create a username & password

STEP 2: Register the AED Site

   1. Name your Site

   2. Enter the physical street address or rural address of the site

   3. Provide information about when and how to best access the site during an emergency

STEP 3: Register the AED

   1. You will need the following information about your AED to complete registration: 

          ♥  Manufacturer and model of the AED

          ♥  Serial number (usually located on the back of the AED)

          ♥  PAD expiry date

         ♥  Battery installation date or expiry date (not to be confused with a battery shelf life!)

***Make sure you move the RED DOT on the Google map to mark the most accurate location of the AED***


Have questions or need additional help?  

You can reach the PAD Program Administrator directly by CLICKING HERE

You can also call us toll free @ 1 866 786 1440


Calgary, Alberta, Canada