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AED Automated External Defibrillator, a device that delivers a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the chest through electrical pads during a cardiac arrest

Organization Name of the company or corporation that the AED is operated by (Example: The City of Edmonton)

Department Part of a larger organization with a specific responsibility (Example: Fire Department, Transportation)

Facility A commercial, institutional building or resource (Example: hotel, school, office, sports arena, security vehicle)

User Site Actual location of where the AED is located (requires a designated name)

Site Coordinator Person responsible for the regular checking, reporting and maintenance of one or several AEDs on their site (Example: Lifeguard at a pool)

Team Coordinator Person who can monitor several sites and their site coordinators within their department (Example: Manager for multiple pools)

Lead Coordinator Person who can monitor all devices, sites and coordinators in their organization (Example: Owner of all pools)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada