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What to do following the use of the AED?

Things to think about following an incident where an AED has been used.

  1. Witnessing a cardiac arrest is a very traumatic experience, one that even professional responders have to cope with. Expect that your responders may encounter an intense emotional reaction following an incident which is common and understandable.
    1. Ensure that everyone on your emergency response team is doing okay, this may include members of the public if they were involved
    2. Offer an empathetic ear and allow them to express their thoughts or concerns
    3. Provide for their basic physical needs (quiet break, restroom, refreshment, let them call their loved ones)
    4. Contact your employee assistance program or peer support team for assistance
  2. Follow the steps provided on this website under Device Information in the cleaning procedure for your AED and general area. 
  3. At your first convenience, you may voluntarily submit a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Report Form by logging onto the website and going to the Members Area. In some cases, the PAD Coordinator may contact you to arrange a download of the incident from the AED. This is also voluntary but plays a helpful role in providing feedback to you and your responders as well as assisting medical direction in your community by collecting valuable statistical data.
  4. Contact your manufacturer representative or vendor to order any needed replacement parts (pads, battery, responder kit). They will also advise you if the device requires service.

Contact the Alberta PAD Coordinator (Contact Us) if you have any questions regarding these procedures.  

Calgary, Alberta, Canada