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Questions to ask your supplier before you purchase your AED

Before You Buy – The top 10 AED Questions to ask your supplier!


You’ve decided  to purchase an AED for your site or organization.This is a big decision and with so many products out there to choose from, deciding which one is the right one for your site can be a challenge. Many manufacturers have developed AEDs specifically for PAD use in the community. The right AED for your site depends on what you and your site determine are the most important features in an AED

The following are questions to ask your supplier (AED Supplier page):

1.   What is the initial cost of the AED and what does it include

           - Some AEDs come standard with a case, cord, software and pads

           - Don’t forget to factor in a 5-7 year cost analysis based on battery and pad replacement

2.   How much are replacement Adult and Child Pads?


3.   What is the life expectancy of each set of Pads?

4.   How much are replacement batteries?

5.   How often do I have to replace the batteries in my AED?

6.   Is the on/off button very noticeable?

7.   Does the machine provide CPR prompts and / or a metronome?

8.   Are the Pads marked very clearly as to where they need to be placed on the chest?

9.   How easy will it be to upgrade the software on the AED?
       - Every 5 years CPR guidelines are reviewed and change slightly
       - A device may have a recall and need a free upgrade from the manufacturer

10.  Who do I contact for replacement parts or servicing?
       - Sometimes the person who sells you the device does not look after device maintenance programs.

       - Make sure you know who you need to contact to order new batteries and pads for your AED


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