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First Responders - Additional Info

First Responder Questions

How do I know I need to use an AED?
Can I hurt a person by using an AED on them?
Should I perform CPR first or apply electrode pads from the AED?
If defibrillation is so important, why should I do CPR?
Can I accidentally shock another rescuer or myself?
What if the victim has a medication patch on or ECG electrodes on the chest where I want to place the electrode pads?
Do I need to remove the electrode pads before performing CPR?
Should I use the AED if the victim has a pacemaker or is pregnant?
Can I defibrillate on a wet surface?
Can I defibrillate on or near a metal surface?
How much of the victim's clothing should be removed to carry out defibrillation?
Why is it so important to be sure that the electrode pads are firmly adhered to a clean, dry chest?
Is it okay to place the electrode pads directly on a hairy chest?
What if I have a child victim?
After I have successfully defibrillated the victim, do I keep the electrode pads on?
What if the victim regains a pulse but is not breathing or is breathing slowly?
What if I don't perform all the steps of CPR and defibrillation perfectly?

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