Article posted on January 15, 2024

Heart Safe is now using What 3 Words to help you identify the location of your AED!

What is ‘What 3 Words’ and how does it work?

What 3 Words (W3W) is a geocoding system, similar to latitude/longitude. Rather than using a series of number to identify location coordinates, W3W uses words which makes it easier to share and communicate. W3W can identify an area of 3m² to help find exactly where your AED is located.

For example, will help you find the exact location of the main entrance to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. To locate the main entrance for the University of Alberta Hospital, you can follow directions to translate.petal.dozen.


How do I use W3W?

You can download the app on your phone, or you can visit their website at There are two options for finding the location of the AED. Use the website or application on your portable device and go stand next to the location of the AED, which will show you the 3-word location of your AED.

Alternatively, you may open the W3W map and enter the address of the location where the AED is housed. From there, you can identify what part of the building or area your AED is housed in, and by clicking on that square on the map, you will be given the W3W coordinates. This is most easily determined by switching to satellite mode, which can be done by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the map.

Once you have your W3W coordinates, please login to your Heart Safe account and select ‘Manage AEDs’. Click on the relevant AED from you list of managed devices. From there, scroll down to see the section called ‘Physical Location Description’ and enter the 3 words into the text box which asks for the What 3 Words location.


Is this required?

No! If you have already accurately entered the location of your AED, no action needs to be taken. If you have struggled with identifying the location of your AED in the past, you now have an option more easily list the location of your device. Please feel free to leave this W3W box blank if your AED location is already well defined.


What if I need help?

You can always reach out to the Heart Safe team by emailing or calling our toll-free number at 1-866-786-1440.

Last Updated: Monday, January 15, 2024

Calgary, Alberta, Canada