Article posted on May 31, 2023

Citizens receive life-saving award

When a medical emergency occurred at the Beaumont Sports and Recreation complex, two teammates and two rink attendants were quick to jump in and initiate life saving measures. The patient became unresponsive after playing a game of hockey. Thankfully, those around him didn’t hesitate to call 911, start CPR and grab an AED within seconds of the cardiac arrest occurring. Bystanders utilized the AED and continued CPR until EMS arrival. Their efforts saved this patient’s life.

AHS EMS and the Heart Safe Public Access to Defibrillation Program thanked these bystanders for their efforts in a recent recognition ceremony, featured in the video linked here.

Do you know what actions to take when a medical emergency occurs? To learn more about recognizing cardiac arrest, performing CPR and using an AED, please read our FAQs, or visit our Helpful Videos page.


Last Updated: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Calgary, Alberta, Canada