Article posted on June 9, 2022

Urgent - Philips HeartStart OnSite Recall for Adult and Infant/Child Pads

Philips, the manufacturer of the HeartStart OnSite/HS1/Home AED has released a recall notice for both Adult and Infant/Child Pads.

Adult Pads with the model number M5071A may experience gel separation and reduction of gel surface area when peeled from the yellow plastic liner. Any pad currently installed in or stored with an HS1/OnSite/Home AED could experience this problem, and it is not possible to know prior to patient use if your pad is affected because the pads are protected by a foil seal.

This Recall has been released in addition to a previous notice issued regarding the same defect occurring with Infant/Child Pads having the model number M5072A.


The manufacturer recommends continuing to use the AED and Pads as is. Do not try to examine the pads gel prior to patient use. . During use, ensure the majority of the pad surface is covered with gel and apply the pads to the patient. If you notice the gel beginning to separate from the foam backing as you peel, try to prevent the gel from folding onto itself if possible. Do not hesitate to apply the pads to the patient unless the gel has almost completely separated from the backing. In case of trouble, install spare pads if available and continue the rescue. No matter the state of the pads, follow the voice prompts because the AED will step you through the necessary actions.

Click Here to view the full recall notice. It is recommended to print out and keep a copy with the AED Manual.

Last Updated: Thursday, June 09, 2022

Calgary, Alberta, Canada