Article posted on July 18, 2018

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness

  Sudden Cardiac Arrest Facts

  • Cardiac Arrest occurs nearly 40,0000 times a year in Canada
  • On average one person every 13 minutes goes into Cardiac Arrest
  • Cardiac Arrest can happen at any time and any age with minimal or no warning signs
  • Approximately 5 percent of people survive Cardiac Arrest when it occurs outside of a hospital
  • When quality CPR is performed in conjunction with an AED the chance of survival doubles

  Significant Signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • A person suddenly collapses
  • The person is unresponsive to touch or sounds
  • The person is not breathing or they are making gasping noises

   What to do in a Cardiac Arrest Emergency

  • Notify 911 and shout for someone to bring an AED
  • Start CPR immediately and don’t stop until someone takes over or until the person starts to respond
  • Use the AED as soon as it arrives

Click the photo below to watch stories of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivors


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Sudden Cardiac arrest information and videos retrieved from Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada





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