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Women's Heart Health

2018 Heart Report titled “Ms. Understood” released by Heart & Stroke highlights the importance of increasing awareness of women’s heart health

How familiar are you with women’s heart health?

Women need to be aware that they can have a Heart Attack yet continue to do things such as walk, talk,

and even work.

The Heart & Stroke article emphasizes that:

-Every 20 minutes a woman in Canada dies from Heart Disease

-Early Heart Attack signs were missed in 78% of women

-Women are 5x more likely to die from Heart Disease than Breast Cancer

-Heart Disease is the leading cause of premature death for women in Canada

-Close to 25,000 women die each year from Heart Disease

Be Familiar with the Signs of Heart Attack

Signs can include the following:

-Chest Discomfort- pressure, squeezing, burning, heaviness, fullness or pain

-Upper Body Discomfort- neck, jaw, shoulder arms, back



-Light Headedness

-Shortness of Breath

Click on the photo below to read Heart and Stroke’s Ms.Understood article and learn more about

women’s heart disease

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