Article posted on July 4, 2017

AED of the Month: Philips Heartstart FRx

Each month Heart Safe Community will be posting product information for a different AED. The information provided is based on the most common questions asked by Coordinators to the PAD Team.

The complete product manual for the Heartstart FRx can be found online at Philips Canada

The Basics


  • Stamped with an expiry date usually good for 2+ years from purchase
  • Has one pad type used for both adult and child

Child Key:

  • This “key” is plugged into the front of the AED and reduces the shock dose delivered to infants/children.


  • Good for four years from the date it is installed into the AED
  • The date on the back of the Heartstart FRx battery is NOT its expiry date!! It is the shelf life date of the battery. This means, as long as you install the battery into the AED by the date stamped on the back of it, it should last a full four years on standby.

 Click here for a video overview of the Heartstart FRx

You can also contact the PAD Team directly at or 1 866 786 1440 for more information

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 04, 2017

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