Article posted on September 29, 2016

KPAD Program Making a Difference

Kananaskis Launches Public Access Defibrillation Program


After a successful cardiac arrest resuscitation using an AED at one of the local hotels in June 2014, the Kananaskis Improvement District made a commitment to place 10 AED’s throughout the region.  Over the past two years all 10 AEDs have been installed and the Kananaskis Public Access Defibrillation (KPAD) program has been established. These AEDs and are now ready to save a life at a moment’s notice, and we are looking forward to highlighting the benefits of our program with the public and in our community.

What makes the KPAD program unique?

Our program provides coverage throughout the Kananaskis Region west of Calgary within various provincial parks and public land use zones accessed by millions of Albertans every year. Our AEDs have been strategically placed at facilities that are in high-traffic and high-volume areas, but are also intended to cover a 10km radius from those sites and are accessible by the public, staff and emergency responders. With this model, there is now coverage along the Highway 40 corridor from Bow Valley Provincial Park South to the Kananaskis Lakes where residents and visitors are within 10km of an AED site. We also have significant coverage within the vastly popular Elbow Valley including the McLean Creek recreational area. From the research we conducted while developing the program this type of coverage in a provincial, or national park is unprecedented.

Bow Valley Visitor AED

We have all of our AEDs registered in the Heart Safe Community provincial AED database and are working hard to create awareness of the KPAD program to Albertan’s who live, visit and recreate in Kananaskis.

Attached is a link to our website which has additional information and a map showing the coverage area of the program.


Last Updated: Thursday, September 29, 2016

Calgary, Alberta, Canada