Article posted on August 31, 2016

Welcome Back To an Updated Heart Safe Community Website!

Over the past eighteen months we have collected feedback and ideas from many of our Heart Safe Coordinators on how to best increase the functionality and usability of the Heart Safe website and database. Recently you may have noticed the website and Member Area sporting a fresh new look!  This updated look was shaped to include as many of your requests possible. Below we have highlighted some of the most significant changes made to the system:

Updated icons for each website section including “at a glance” color coded flags and alerts

                   WHY? You requested better visual cues about the status of AEDs and Sites


Latitude and Longitude mapping for each AED on site

Ability to pinpoint each AED location using Google map

WHY? In large sites the AEDs are spread apart, we wanted 911 Dispatchers to be able to direct a caller to the exact location of an AED within a building.


New export features that include all Coordinator, Site, and AED data into Excel

WHY? You requested the ability to see your entire Site, AED and Coordinator listings at a glance, in a file format common to most workplaces


Automatically calculated battery replacement date for the most common AED models

WHY? You requested assistance with figuring out the life expectancy of the battery for your AED once it is installed into the device, now we do it for you!







Last Updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Calgary, Alberta, Canada